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Daniel x Groovy Puppies born November 11, 2011
2 red boys, 1 black boy, 1 red girl, 1 black girl

Just born little adorable faces!


First week.....eat and sleep!  For the puppies and Groovy too!


Week 2....Groovy decides to "adopt" some toys from the toy box and add them to her brood.  A little blue doggy, a yellow doggy, and a big furry rabbit!

Puppy Pillow!  Fat puppies make for good pillows!

Same fat red boy puppy after a trip to the all-you-can-drink milk bar!!

3 Weeks - Eyes are opened!
Red boy, Golden boy,
Black boy, Red girl,
Black girl

4 Weeks - Oh soooooooo cute!
Red boy, Golden boy,
Black boy, Red girl,
Black girl

4 Weeks - Sleep and play!

Time to learn to go down the slide and explore the world outside the box!

5 Weeks - Food and toys! (and sleep of course)

Mom makes a good pillow!

5 weeks - our first haircut!
Red boy (oops...blurry picture!), Golden boy,
Black boy, Red girl,
Black girl

6 Weeks - Its been a busy week!

Hiding under the couch is great fun!  Peek-a-boo!

Nothing like a good snuggle with Mom....

It's Christmas!  Time to open presents!  We got lots of fluffy toys!

Time for a nap with our new stuffy friends!

Napping with Momma Groovy and big sister Ziva...zzzzz....

7-9 weeks...Play Play Play!

Time for a nap!

8 weeks
Red boy, Golden boy,
Black boy, Red girl,
Black girl

8 weeks - Groovy and her little black babies

Groovy takes a nap with her 2 little black darlings....
little girl wakes up and wonders why lights are flashing in her face.....
just a camera.....nothing to see....back to sleepy...maybe :-)


Stay tuned for weekly updates!

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