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All Time Favorite Grooming Products and Tools

1. Harmony Pet Products:

Harmony Conditioning Shampoo
This is a great all in one conditioning shampoo! As a breeder and long time exhibitor of English Cocker Spaniel show dogs, I have tried many of the top (and expensive) dog shampoos on the market. Was it too much to ask to have a simple conditioning shampoo that cleaned well, lathered sufficiently, rinsed quickly, and didn't cost an arm and a leg? NO! Left unsatisfied, in 2002 I teamed up with long time friend and career Product Development Chemist, Rodger Peters, to design our own shampoo. What started off as a quality product to use on our own dogs has now been shared with and discovered by many other top breeders and exhibitors in the English Cocker Spaniel and dog fancy.  At this time, the product is exclusively distributed by me, Debbie Owczarzak.  Email me if you'd like to place an order! Or call 219-374-8954.

Harmony's  Current list of pet products and prices:

  • Harmony Conditioning Shampoo - A safe, gentle, rich lathering shampoo that conditions and cleans without stripping natural oils.  It rinses thoroughly leaving your pet's coat shiny and residue free.  The Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and other natural conditioners work in Harmony with your pet's coat to reduce tangles, leaving it clean, manageable, and moisturized.  Concentrated and goes a LONG way.
    $30/ gallon, $8/ 16 oz bottle.

  • Harmony Detangling Finishing Spray - A Finishing Spray and Texturizer which adds shine and body while reducing static.  May be diluted 3 to 1 with water and sprayed onto a dry coat before blowing out, or sprayed full strength on a freshly bathed wet coat.  Does NOT leave a "film" on the coat as do most other finishing sprays.  And, it smells great too!
    $16/ 16 oz bottle

  • Harmony Luminizing Conditioner - Where is the matching conditioner you ask? Honestly, most Harmony users have found the two products above work so well together that no additional after shampoo conditioner is needed.  Stay tuned....we may develop a conditioner down the road. 

2. More of my favorites coming soon....

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